How to Play "Imagine" by John Lennon

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This is way easier than a lot of people think. Check out the free video and play along to learn "Imagine" by John Lennon!

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Ernest Chapman
Ernest Chapman

I'm a creative alchemist, living my life on the line between pure creativity and a structured understanding of music.

I was trained young by a hit songwriter mom and a therapist dad. Losing my father at 12 put me on a search for the deeper meaning behind everything. This led to decades as a pilgrim seeking the holy grail of personal transformation through music, video, performance, and the written word.

Trained by life to find the signal in the noise, I serve as a catalyst for the transformations of others. I created the Magic Music Method to help my students stay engaged by focusing on creative piano patterns and chord based playing, while also keeping basic literacy and proper technique in focus.

This method is compatible with every other method, and can be used as a supplement by teachers looking to increase their creativity and improvisation tools.

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