Teacher Notes

Musings and notes from a professional music teacher

Transformation Through Music

What is it that causes a mistake to be repeated? Discovering the answer to this can bring about great transformations in a person’s life. I know, because my life was transformed when I discovered the answer. I watched one of my students struggling today. After watching her repeat her mistake...


Finding the Point of Failure

Anna was making the same mistake again. I listened to her repeat it flawlessly, as if the mistake were written on the score. I witnessed her reach a point of failure, and then completely avoid facing it. Was she even aware of it? Was it silently threatening her self image to admit that she was...


How To Teach Pop Music to Students Without Ruining Their Reading Skills

Pop quiz: How could learning to sail teach you to climb a mountain? To put it another way, do you teach pop music by insisting a student read 150 year old sheet music first? I always ask my students what they want to learn in their first lessons. They don’t always have a straight answer, but...


Creating a Method for Structured Freedom

Music is fundamentally non-linear, yet method books tend to set a straight and narrow path. The skills that are required to actually function at a professional level, to compose, improvise, interpret, perform, record, and read music, involve a group of mental, physical and emotional processing...


You Always Have Permission To Be Creative

By the power invested in me as a Creative Piano Teacher, I hereby formally invest you with eternal, irrevocable permission to be creative, whenever you want, however you want, on any instrument, for as long as you want, each time you work on or play music. I am not in charge of whether or not...